The original concept of providing a service to expatriates on the Costa del Sol with regard to the UK State Pension arose out of a situation where a number of friends wished to ascertain their current state pension and unfortunately encountered a series of hurdles which they never managed to overcome.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, as it is now called, has never been very forthcoming in keeping the public up-to-date and consequently I was asked, as an accountant, to help them obtain the necessary information. As a result of this I built up a considerable amount of information, documentation and know-how which friends and acquaintances began to make use of so as to be able to obtain details of their pension.

It soon became obvious that the lack of simple readily available information and advice meant that someone with the required knowledge could provide a service to the expatriates on the Costa del Sol. In view of the fact that throughout Spain, France, Portugal and Italy there will be thousands of expatriates in the same position, the logical extension of providing a local service was to set up a web site in order to extend this advice further afield.

This web site is intended to provide a service to any individual who is in possession of a National Insurance number, having worked (or studied) in the UK and who wishes to ascertain the current situation with regard to his or her state pension.

Our aim is to provide all the necessary information in a clear and informative way without having to resort to the official jargon used by the UK authorities.